The Aesthetics of Neutrality
    Sudeep Dasgupta

    The functional reduction of language to transparent communication manifests itself in the often violent cultural conflicts in contemporary geopolitics. Deploying Roland Barthes’ notion of “the neutral” through analyses of three artistic projects, an “aesthetics of neutrality” is figured as a counter-strategy which escapes linguistic clarity. The aesthetics of neutrality is both a cultural strategy and a political intervention that helps forge figurations which escape identitarian logic while emphasizing troublingly productive forms of being-in-relation.
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  • Meer (Foto: Lena Sudmann)
    The Cosmos in Aesthetic Cosmopolitanism
    Nikos Papastergiadis

    Cosmopolitanism is an idea of our place in the world and an ideal of how to belong with other people. At its most utopian level cosmopolitanism proclaims a form of belonging that is free of boundaries and is open to the sensory awareness of the universe. In this essay I seek to explore the extent to which the world making activity of contemporary art is a form of the cosmopolitan imaginary. I will focus on the idea that the Biennale is a kind of world making activity and part of our cosmopolitan imaginary. I will also deploy the term cosmos in cosmopolitanism to address different forms of world making activity.
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  • Landscape (Foto: Lena Sudmann)
    Ästhetische Widerständigkeit
    Petra Löffler

    Michelangelo Antoninoni lotet in seinen Filmen Il Deserto Rosso, Blow Up und Zabriskie Point Strategien des Entkommens aus, die Kräfteverhältnisse verändern und dezidiert mit Politiken des Raums arbeiten. Sie produzieren auf diese Weise eine ästhetische Widerständigkeit, die unerwartete Handlungsmöglichkeiten eröffnet.
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