• Maisfeld (Foto: Lena Sudmann)
    Escape from representation?
    Kristina Pia Hofer

    In this paper, Kristina Pia Hofer reflects on how the significance of material excess in exploitation cinema can complicate and enrich readings that focus on the politics of representation of trash film.
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    The Aesthetics of Neutrality
    Sudeep Dasgupta

    The functional reduction of language to transparent communication manifests itself in the often violent cultural conflicts in contemporary geopolitics. Deploying Roland Barthes’ notion of “the neutral” through analyses of three artistic projects, an “aesthetics of neutrality” is figured as a counter-strategy which escapes linguistic clarity. The aesthetics of neutrality is both a cultural strategy and a political intervention that helps forge figurations which escape identitarian logic while emphasizing troublingly productive forms of being-in-relation.
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